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FREE COVID-19 SIGNS! Alert Signs For Quarantine, Self-Isolation, And High-Risk

I have created a set of free signs for you to download, print and use at home! This set of three signs include a warning that someone in the home is in the high-risk category for serious illness from COVID-19 infection (elderly, pregnant, immune-compromised, pre-existing conditions, etc), a warning that the household is in a COVID-19 quarantine, and a warning that the household is in a self-isolation period.

These are completely free, but please link to this page for others to get them instead of sending them directly to them. It really helps out my search engine ranking to get the visits and your friends and family might find other articles that they really enjoy reading!

The direct link to this page is

Just highlight the link and press CTRL+C on your keyboard. Then go to where you want to paste the link, click in the text entry space and press CTRL+V to paste it in. If you want to make it really easy on yourself, just bookmark this page so you can come back to print more later without having to manually download them. Thanks for your help!

To use these signs, you can click on the image itself to open it in a new window. In the new window, right-click on the image and select “Print”. In the print dialogue, make sure that “Scale to Page” is selected, then print it in portrait mode (this is the default for most printers). Then, go tape it to your door or window with the printed side facing out so your visitors know that they need to be mindful at your home.

Use this sign to alert visitors that someone at the home is in the high-risk category for serious illness from COVID-19 infection: elderly, pregnant, pre-existing conditions, immune-compromised, etc. Click here for the printable version.

Use this sign to alert visitors that your household is in a quarantine period for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection. Click here for the printable version.

Use this sign to alert visitors that you are undergoing a commanded, suggested or voluntary self-isolation period. Click here for the printable version.

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Printable Alphabet Chart

Matoskah with his new chart
Matoskah with his new chart

I have been looking for a good printable alphabet chart for Matoskah and found several. After printing them and trying them out with him, I realized that there were items in each one that he just didn’t understand or relate to at all… YoYo for Y and he doesn’t enjoy yoyos, foX for X didn’t make sense to him because it doesn’t START with “x”, etc. Every chart had SOMETHING that just didn’t click with him and for him to learn, it MUST click with him. I already knew how much he loves animals, then we had a trip to the zoo the day after his 5th birthday and I got to see how much he enjoyed seeing all of the different animals, so I got the crazy idea to make our own alphabet chart with only real animals, one for each letter no matter how strange or off the wall the animal may seem. Yes, some were very hard to find, like animals that start with U and V (didn’t want to use a vulture, he thinks they are kinda ugly. LOL). So finally I got images of all of the animals, made a template for the chart and set it up. He LOVES it!

Please feel free to use this chart for your own personal needs, but no commercial uses. Download the images (there are 4 separate images), and select them all (Hold CTRL and single click on them to select all 4 at once), then right click on any of them and select “Print”. I used photo print settings with plain paper, selected “fit to page” in the options and set it to print two 5×7 per page at landscape setting. That gave me my printout that you see him holding in the picture. Then I taped the two pages together and there ya go, a nice all animal alphabet chart!


alphabetChart1 alphabetChart2
alphabetChart3 alphabetChart4