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Lovin’ “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots!

This is a song that my husband first got me to listen to. I have decided that I adore it, and every time I hear it, I get all teary-eyed thinking about how much I can relate to it in relation to my son, especially now that we are about to uproot and move to…
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Building the Machine: Common Core Education

Building the Machine: Common Core Education What do you know about the Common Core Initiative? Do you really know what your kids are being taught in school? I’ll give you a hint: the new Common Core standards are NOTHING like it was when we were in school, folks! And, while Common Core is being taught…
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Videos of Matoskah

Videos of Matoskah Annual DVD style home videos of Matoskah, one for each year of his life, containing highlights of videos of that year, ending in a photo slideshow set to music that he enjoys. All on YouTube!

Photo Album

Here is a quick little photo album! The photos are in no particular order, but all are captioned so you can read what the pic is about! I hope you enjoy! And here are the individual pictures, in case the slideshow above isn’t working out right for you…

Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake

This is the cake that I made for my son’s third birthday on 04 April 2012. He has gotten a thing for Blue’s Clues lately so I decorated it by hand with Blue 🙂 He had the candles blown out before it made it all the way to the table and was nibbling icing the…
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I Am Ordained!

The first step in a long road… I became ordained today. Not a Christian minister or anything like that. I am Celtic and will continue to follow that path, but official ordination through the Universal Life Church allows me to be federally recognized as clergy, and is the first step to state recognition as well.…
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