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Just Talking…

I set up this evening to start a very short video to let you know I’m still working on this and got carried away into a video just over 6 minutes! Oops! Continue reading Just Talking…

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New Updates! (28 Jan 2018)

I’ve come to realize that if I want to dedicate my life to this vision of acceptance, love, community and beauty that I envision being able to bring to others, I need to find some way to survive! LOL! Even though this is something that I am truly passionate about, Continue reading New Updates! (28 Jan 2018)

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Family… Born or Earned?

Ok, I know this is going to be considered highly controversial for some who read it but I’m just sharing my honest views and opinions. They may change over time but this is how I feel about it right now…

I know what the typical idea of the family unit consists of and I myself am a part of a “traditional family unit”, with my husband and our son, our dog and ferret. Ok, so not everyone considers a ferret as a part of a typical family but we have always been black sheep! LOL! Family is SO important! Continue reading Family… Born or Earned?