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Creating a Healthy Pack

Creating a healthy pack is essential for having one or more happy, balanced and well behaved dogs. It doesn’t matter if you have one dog or 20, a pack is the foundation upon which to build all of your training, discipline and family.
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Doggie Emotions, Nature & Instincts

Yes, dogs have emotions! They are creatures of instinct but they also have emotions and can have strong emotional ties to their pack and human family. Before you can help your dog to be a truly happy and balanced animal, you must first understand their instincts and emotions. By understanding why your dog does what they do, you can also understand how to change that behavior in a way that is more natural and easy to accept. Continue reading Doggie Emotions, Nature & Instincts

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Getting a New Dog (Part 1): Rescue or Breeder?

In this installment of the “Getting a New Dog” series, we will go over the first big decision, after the decision to get a new dog of course! This could be the biggest decision that you make:

Should I go to a rescue group or animal shelter for my new dog or should I go to a breeder?

Let’s go over the pros and cons of both options: Continue reading Getting a New Dog (Part 1): Rescue or Breeder?

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Dog Training “General Technique”

The first step to dog training or therapy is obedience training. I get asked by a lot of people how to teach their dog to sit, how to teach their dog to walk on a leash, etc. While there are some tried and true techniques for these tasks that I will share, I will also share a general training technique that you can apply and this will help you to teach your dog nearly anything that you want them to learn. Continue reading Dog Training “General Technique”

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Intro to Behavior Issues in Dogs

Even puppies may have some behavior issues and without a doubt, most older dogs do as well. When you raise your dog from a tiny puppy, it is usually pretty easy to recognize behavior problems early on and nip them in the bud easily before they become a real problem. I will discuss puppy training in another article, as the techniques for puppies are somewhat different from those with older dogs. Continue reading Intro to Behavior Issues in Dogs