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SC Dumps Common Core!

SC Dumps Common Core!

Great going, SC! They have dropped the Common Core and opted for traditional educational standards. I hope this leads the way for many more states!

>> SC Dumps Common Core <<

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Fun Arts & Crafts: Milk Painting

Milk PaintingsThis is a super easy, fast and affordable art project to try with your little ones! The effect is fun for both kids and adults, the art is actually very pretty and we are saving our milk paintings to use in book covers later on. This is especially great as a starter project to get your little ones interested in creating their own art, as it is very fast for those short attention spans but makes enough of an impact that later on when they see you getting out your art supplies, they will be curious and want to see what kind of cool things they will be making this time πŸ™‚

What You Will Need:

  • Baking pan, a pretty big one
  • Milk. Fat content isn’t too terribly important, though I have heard that full fat milk makes it more interesting than skim. I haven’t heard of this being tried with anything other than cow’s milk so please if you try this with goat’s milk, soy milk, rice milk or any other alternative, please leave a comment and let me know how it turns out!
  • Food coloring
  • Liquid soap, we used dish soap
  • Plain paper
  • Somewhere to hang your paintings to dry


Pour a layer of milk into your baking pan.

Have your little one drip food coloring onto the milk. They can play at pattern making if they are focused enough but not too much or the next effect won’t be as dramatic.

Have your kids remove their hands from the work space and watch as you drizzle a small amount of soap over the surface of the milk. The soap reacts with the fat in the milk, causing the milk to move and swirl “magically” on its own, mixing the colors in swirls and interesting patterns.

Lay a sheet of paper onto the milk so it soaks up the milk and colors a bit. The longer it stays there, the more color it will soak up, but the more fragile the paper will be as well, and harder to hang up.

I sat each sheet in the sink for a few minutes to drain before I hung it up to save my curtains, but that step isn’t necessary. Hang your paintings up to dry and admire the art with your little one, boosting their confidence in their creativity and encouraging their interest in creativity! πŸ™‚

And the best part? It is easy to repeat, and always gets unique results! It is fast enough that even ADHD kids can focus easily to complete and it really gives them a big boost in self esteem to have their parents admire their artwork that they created so easily!


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Fun Arts & Crafts: Suncatchers!

Heart Shaped SuncatcherWe made gorgeous suncatchers, Matoskah had a blast and I had a good time as well! This is a simple, low cost and very fun craft to enjoy with your little ones!




Supplies for SuncatchersYou Will Need:

  • Glue, we used clear-drying Elmer’s School Glue. We tried both the white and clear versions. While the clear version produced a very nice looking sun catcher, it was flimsy and doesn’t last near as long as the thicker and more sturdy white glue.
  • Food Coloring
  • Toothpicks
  • Container lids, we used lids from margarine containers and coffee cans.


Making SuncatchersFirst, make sure your container lids are clean and free from lint and fur if you have animals around. Pour glue into the lids to make a nice, thick and even coating on the bottom of the lid.

Have your child drip drops of food coloring into the glue. Remember, less is more! Too much food coloring will end up with a blotched, brown mess! A drop here and there will be plenty, but kids usually seem to need to learn this on their own πŸ˜‰

Swirling!Allow your child to use a toothpick to swirl the colors around in the glue. Encourage imagination and creativity! Pretty spirals and grid patterns are great for building dexterity and learning to blend colors.

Set the lids aside where they can remain undisturbed to dry. This can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the temperature, humidity and thickness of the glue.Swirling 2!

When the glue is completely dry, carefully pry up one edge from the container. Once you have one edge free, the rest will come off pretty easily. Then, you can punch or cut a hole in the top for hanging, or trim it into shapes like the heart shape above. You will probably want to trim the edge smooth with a pair of sharp scissors for your child, then invite them to help hang it. Enjoy!



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Building the Machine: Common Core Education

Building the Machine: Common Core Education

What do you know about the Common Core Initiative? Do you really know what your kids are being taught in school? I’ll give you a hint: the new Common Core standards are NOTHING like it was when we were in school, folks! And, while Common Core is being taught in schools, my child will never attend a public school. I do not agree with it, with it’s corporate sponsorship and corporate interest in our CHILDREN, nor with it’s age inappropriate agendas. Please, people, watch this short movie and spread the word far and wide: FIGHT THE COMMON CORE! Just because we choose to home school our children, that does not mean they are not affected by Common Core. We still must test our kids and keep/submit their scores to the state in many states (mine included), and those tests are Common Core Aligned. Do you want your home schooled child to be able and eligible to go to college? Entrance exams are Common Core Aligned as well. Learn the facts and how to fight this initiative in your home!

>> Building the Machine: Common Core Education <<

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Videos of Matoskah

Videos of Matoskah

Annual DVD style home videos of Matoskah, one for each year of his life, containing highlights of videos of that year, ending in a photo slideshow set to music that he enjoys.

All on YouTube!

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Printable Alphabet Chart

Matoskah with his new chart
Matoskah with his new chart

I have been looking for a good printable alphabet chart for Matoskah and found several. After printing them and trying them out with him, I realized that there were items in each one that he just didn’t understand or relate to at all… YoYo for Y and he doesn’t enjoy yoyos, foX for X didn’t make sense to him because it doesn’t START with “x”, etc. Every chart had SOMETHING that just didn’t click with him and for him to learn, it MUST click with him. I already knew how much he loves animals, then we had a trip to the zoo the day after his 5th birthday and I got to see how much he enjoyed seeing all of the different animals, so I got the crazy idea to make our own alphabet chart with only real animals, one for each letter no matter how strange or off the wall the animal may seem. Yes, some were very hard to find, like animals that start with U and V (didn’t want to use a vulture, he thinks they are kinda ugly. LOL). So finally I got images of all of the animals, made a template for the chart and set it up. He LOVES it!

Please feel free to use this chart for your own personal needs, but no commercial uses. Download the images (there are 4 separate images), and select them all (Hold CTRL and single click on them to select all 4 at once), then right click on any of them and select “Print”. I used photo print settings with plain paper, selected “fit to page” in the options and set it to print two 5×7 per page at landscape setting. That gave me my printout that you see him holding in the picture. Then I taped the two pages together and there ya go, a nice all animal alphabet chart!


alphabetChart1 alphabetChart2
alphabetChart3 alphabetChart4

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Printable Emergent Reader Books

This is a resource from The Measured Mom, who has a TON of wonderful resources on her site. I highly recommend giving her site a good long browse πŸ™‚

My #1 resource that came from her site, in the stage that my son is in now, is her free printable Emergent Readers. Simply print, cut and staple, then your kiddo has their own little book that they can read on their own! My boy loves his letter “a” set, give them a try! πŸ™‚


Free Emergent Readers